What is Opulus Smart Belt

Reversible Belt | Made of NYLON & LEATHER

A belt is a big part of our daily dress routine and 99.9% of us have at least 1-5 belts in our closet. However, we don't use all fo them as some are formal or some are casual . we dont have a universal belt for all occasions

Just one Opulus smart Belt, you can replace all the other belts in your collection. A design that is suited for work or play, from tailored suits, to hiking.

opulus belt straps


The Strap is reversible , on one side its leather and on other side its fabric .
The same belt can accompany you at your office in week days and on trips and trekkings on weekends.

Reinforced Nylon strap makes its indestructible for any wear and tear

The breaking load of the smart belt is 2500KG , this is way beyond other best brands in the market
Our belt is durable and comfortable, made with top grain leather, sourced from the best tanners in the country.

Our strap comes in two colours :
1) Natural Tan 2) Charcoal black


No more sizes. Having sizes means you can get them wrong and makes it hard to order a belt for someone else.

Because we are an on-line company we believe that our strap attachment type buckle is the best way to go in order to have very happy customers. It's also perfect for elegance.

opulus belt size
opulus buckle


The buckle is specially designed for the smart belt and is reversible; just pull and twist it to reverse the belt.

Buckle is made of high grade steel and its finished with best quality material.
Sand blasting and brushing technology is used to make it elegant and supreme.

Our buckles come in two colours 1) Nickle chrome 2) Charcoal black


We make sure that the environmental impact due to our prodcuts is minimal.

Giving 1% of the profits from this campaign and all future sales as the member of this planet for the environmental causes.

We are only using modern, durable, technical materials that are animal-friendly and have the lowest possible environmental impact.

opulus belt packaging

Belt Material

Our innovation is the addition of a Nylon Core and cotton strap to classic belt construction. This material is the strongest textile ever made, stronger than steel but flexible and light. Most of the wear and tear, you see on a belt is due to the constant stretching that it is subjected under the pressure of daily wear. Because of it's special construction, our belt is much less prone to wear and tear.

The leather we use for the exterior is top grain Leather, sourced from one of best tanneries in India. In stress testing, our belt has proven to have a breaking strength of 2500 KG , this figure is beyond the reach of any best brands available in the market. Be sure, our Smart Belt will last many many years and retain it's beauty.

Opulus Material


Opulus One Travel Belt will be available soon on Indiegogo to preorder!

Super Early Bird Offer

  • One reversible leather strap of your choice
  • One reversible buckle
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Early Bird Offer

  • One reversible leather strap of your choice
  • One reversible buckle
  • One pouch to keep the belt
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Normal price

  • One reversible leather strap of your choice
  • One reversible buckle
  • One pouch to keep the belt